Margin Account

Your margin account gives you unified access to UTP trading accounts, has a comprehensive understanding of your portfolio, and enables you to supply or borrow capital from the liquidity pool.
A wallet can have as many margin accounts as it wants.


The value of the collateral your margin accounts holds in the liquidity pool is represented as a USD balance.
Your balance increases whenever you deposit collateral into your margin account or withdraw collateral from UTP accounts. Inversely your account balance decreases when you deposit collateral into UTP accounts or when you withdraw out of your account.
Your balance can turn negative whenever your account uses margin to access collateral beyond available account deposits.
Currently only USDC deposits are supported.

Underlying Trading Protocols (UTPs)

The margin account acts as a unified interface to trading in protocols supported by marginfi. Currently we support Mango Markets and 01 Protocol.
The protocol enables you to execute all operations your would normally for trading like opening and cancelling orders, while keeping liquidity between both protocols connected.


Each account has health which is calculated by the margin engine. If your account margin fraction falls under the initialization margin fraction, you will be prevented from opening new orders. If it falls under the maintenance margin fraction, your account will be subject to liquidations.