marginfi operates a cluster of keeper bots that operate the system in the background.
The protocol is designed enable interventions to occur real-time as they are required. Our keeper bots monitor all margin accounts real-time, and respond as fast as possible. MRGN Labs team is currently operating a highly available cluster of keeper bots which can be readily scaled on demand and replicated in different geographical regions for resiliency and scale.
Our keeper bot is open source and can be ran by anyone
Currently there are no direct incentives to running a keeper bots, but we are planning to add economic incentives in the near future.

Rebalance Types


Whenever the system notices that one of your UTP accounts is falling under its rebalancing threshold (UTP init margin requirement), the system will automatically inject liquidity into the protocol and protect your account from liquidation.


Whenever your account falls under the initialization margin requirement, marginfi will withdraw excess collateral from your UTP accounts to repay your liabilities with marginfi.
The system prevents withdraws of more than the necessary amount to satisfy your initialization margin requirements. For example, if your account equity is is $11,600 and your initialization margin requirement is $12,000, the system will only allow max withdraw to be $400.
This mechanism has two benefits, (1) it keeps your margin account healthy and ready to more easily access additional liquidity when needed by automatic rebalancing mechanism, (2) protects your margin account from disruptive liquidation.