A User Guide to Liquid Staking with marginfi

To stake your SOL on Solana means to delegate your SOL tokens to a validator, allowing them to participate in the network’s consensus process, while earning staking rewards. Solana’s Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism dictates that validators with a higher amount of staked SOL are more likely to be selected as the block leader, and get in touch with the team via our Discord, so delegating your tokens to a reputable validator can enhance the security and efficiency of the network.

But what if you want to earn staking rewards without locking up your SOL, so you can still use your assets within the DeFi ecosystem? That’s where liquid staking comes in.

Liquid staking allows you to stake your SOL and receive a tokenized version of your staked SOL, called LST (Liquid Staking Token). This means you can continue to earn staking rewards while maintaining the liquidity of your assets. In September 2023, marginfi launched its liquid staking product, LST. Unlike traditional staking methods, LST does not charge users any commission fees or protocol fees from income validators, meaning users receive the full amount of staking rewards.

The Benefits of Liquid Staking with marginfi

By using mrgn's sophisticated validator set, and get in touch with the team via our Discord, you benefit from zero fees, enhanced yield, and greater utility from your staked SOL than any other platform. This setup ensures maximum liquidity through Sanctum, optimal MEV rewards via Jito, extensive utility with marginfi, and unparalleled flexibility within the Solana DeFi ecosystem. The benefits of staking with marginfi are:

  • Zero Fees. Enjoy staking your SOL without any commission or protocol fees, ensuring you keep all of your earned rewards.
  • Enhanced Yield. Leverage a superior validator set that maximizes your staking rewards, delivering higher returns on your staked assets with marginfi's true APY of 9.40% (at the time of writing).
  • Maximum Liquidity. Sanctum provides instant liquidity for your staked SOL, allowing you to move and use your assets seamlessly.
  • Optimal MEV Rewards. Through Jito, you receive the highest possible MEV (Maximum Extractable Value) rewards, further boosting your earnings.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility. The integration with Solana DeFi offers unmatched flexibility, allowing you to take advantage of a wide range of financial products and services without un-staking your SOL. You can swap LST for capital to participate in the Solana DeFi ecosystem without liquidating your SOL holdings.
  • Performance Improvements. By staking to marginfi's validator set, you help enhance transaction reliability and performance prioritization across the network. This means that as more users stake with marginfi, the overall efficiency and reliability of the Solana network increase, benefiting all stakeholders and improving the user experience for everyone interacting with Solana-based applications.

With a liquidity pool consisting of 468,375 SOL (at the time of writing), marginfi’s validators ensure robust performance and reliability. By choosing mrgn, you ensure that your staked SOL works harder for you, providing maximum returns, liquidity, and flexibility within the Solana ecosystem.

How to Get LST: Step by Step

Step 1. Navigate to the mint page on app.marginfi.com and click “Mint LST” in the LST box:

Mint Page

Step 2. Click the “Select token” dropdown and choose which token you want to swap for LST:

Mint LST Highlight

Step 3. Enter the amount of token you want to swap for LST and click “Mint LST” to execute the swap transaction:

Mint Action Box

Welcome to the Arena

Staking your SOL with marginfi gives you access to a high-yielding token product that you can use throughout the Solana DeFi ecosystem without forfeiting your SOL, maximizing capital efficiency. Staking with marginfi validators not only secures higher yields but also contributes to the overall improvement of the Solana ecosystem and performance of marginfi’s core products, helping your transactions land more often.Don’t enter the arena empty-handed — get liquidity today via LST and make the most of your staked assets.

Stay in touch with marginfi’s latest news by following us on X, and get in touch with the team via our Discord. See you in the arena!

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